Divorce doesn’t have to be a hostile process.

A Mediated Divorce at Amity Will Help You

Stop Fighting. Resolve Issues. Save Money. Avoid a Long Term Court Battle.

Amity Mediation Workshop, LLC, is a multifaceted, professional, divorce and family mediation practice serving Florida counties along the Emerald Coast.

At Amity,  Jamie C. Williamson, PhD and Larry A. Williamson empower people to resolve their issues in an amicable atmosphere and to build agreements that serve their unique situation and goals. We support and guide individuals as they work to settle their differences fairly and define for themselves the future of their relationships. 

cover collage - July 2016Divorce Mediation for couples with or without attorneys who have decided to divorce but want an amicable process that empowers them to make their own decisions, build their own agreements, remain on friendly terms, and avoid expensive, court room litigation.  Our approach to Divorce Mediation will help you reach mutual agreement on your current family issues, so that you can build a stable future, rather than be stuck rehashing the past. 

Read “Four Ways to Get Divorced. Is Pre- Suit Pro Se Right for You?”  to learn about our  “divorce-without-lawyers” option which helps divorcing couples remain friendly, save money, and move through the process quickly — in about one month.

Divorce Document Preparation for couples without attorneys (pre-suit pro se) who want assistance to ensure the Family Law Forms required by the Florida Courts are completed and filed appropriately.  Our Divorce Document Preparation service helps simplify and de-stress the divorce process for couples who have reached agreement on their issues (perhaps through Divorce Mediation).

Mediation of Post-Divorce Issues when changing circumstances for spouses and children require an adjustment in previous agreements.  Mediation of Post-divorce Issues in our amicable atmosphere, helps you remain friendly and keeps you from spending unnecessary time and money as you resolve issues in a way that serves the needs of all involved.

Marriage Mediation for couples experiencing distress but want to stay together and restore the joy in their marriage.  As an alternative to marital counseling or therapy, Marriage Mediation is a practical approach to resolving current issues or working through impasse.  The process helps couples acquire a well-equipped tool kit for resolving conflict and retaining a happy marriage.  Marriage Mediation can make your marriage work again.

Relationship Enhancement Workshops for married couples and those in a committed relationship who are happy together and  want to learn ways of communicating with each other that will deepen the level of intimacy, commitment, and passion in their relationship.  Relationship Enhancement Workshops can be specifically tailored to meet the needs and desires of a particular couple or conducted in a group setting. Either way, participation in a Relationship Enhancement Workshop series puts you on a path toward greater satisfaction and intimacy and also gives you tools to use continue the journey together.

Family Dynamics Mediation re-calibrates communication among family members in a way that restores amity in your home.  An alternative to family counseling and therapy, which often focuses on how events of the past impact the present,  Family Dynamics Mediation is a practical approach for families who want to address current issues, improve relationships among family members, and move forward.   Our approach is often useful for otherwise, well-functioning families who experience conflict due to typical family life issues and for those families who experience (or are anticipating) a more significant disruption or change in their lives.  Family Dynamics Mediation can make your house feel like home again.

­Couple Mediation for couples living together or planning to marry who want to learn to manage conflict as it inevitably arises in a long-term romantic relationship.  Couple Mediation is preventative medicine for your relationship.



Jamie C. Williamson, PhD and Larry A. Williamson, principal partners