A New School Year – A New Family Type for You?

by Jamie C. Williamson, PhD A new school year is the perfect time to refresh your approach to parenting and renew your approach to family communication. After all, back-to-school, means back-to-routines for children and their parents or caregivers. In anticipation of this annual change, insightful parents adjust their family routines based on their children’s age,

Money Can’t Buy Love, But the Right Gift Can

by Jamie Williamson, PhD   ‘tis the season.  But, before you buy a diamond necklace, a food processor, a bag of new golf clubs, or any other gift for your partner, consider this. Most gift givers assume that a more expensive present will be more appreciated, yet, receivers don’t appreciate expensive gifts more than other less

Why and How to Date Your Spouse: 6 Tips for Successful Date Nights

By Jamie Williamson, PhD Most couples know they are supposed to have a regular “Date Night”. Unfortunately, along the way they let familiar routines and their life partner/parenting roles overshadowed their on-going need for novel activities and their role as romantic partners.  They just can’t seem to have a night out that doesn’t involve talking

Frequent Problems Don’t Ruin a Marriage. The Way You TALK About Them Does

by Jamie Williamson, PhD If it seems that all you and your spouse do is fight about money, the kids, sex, and not making enough time for each other, then you’re in good company. The majority of married adults with children in the United States frequently report these topics as issues of distress and dissatisfaction