Four Warning Signs on the Road to Divorce

by Jamie Williamson, PhD There are four signs that signal a progressive, downward relationship spiral leading to divorce.   But, you can learn to recognize these cautionary signals and take a detour that will put you back on the path to a long, satisfying marriage. Which couple are you? This week I met two young couples.

Want a Long, Happy Marriage? Be Loving AND Stubborn

by Jamie C. Williamson, PhD You might be surprised to learn that stubbornness in marriage is a good thing. Some spouses try to create a happy marriage through grand romantic gestures like sending flowers, planning romantic dinners, or wearing sexy lingerie. While that is a pretty good plan for creating a Happy Valentine’s Day or

Money Can’t Buy Love, But the Right Gift Can

by Jamie Williamson, PhD   ‘tis the season.  But, before you buy a diamond necklace, a food processor, a bag of new golf clubs, or any other gift for your partner, consider this. Most gift givers assume that a more expensive present will be more appreciated, yet, receivers don’t appreciate expensive gifts more than other less

Why and How to Date Your Spouse: 6 Tips for Successful Date Nights

By Jamie Williamson, PhD Most couples know they are supposed to have a regular “Date Night”. Unfortunately, along the way they let familiar routines and their life partner/parenting roles overshadowed their on-going need for novel activities and their role as romantic partners.  They just can’t seem to have a night out that doesn’t involve talking

Couples Who Play Together, Stay Together

by Jamie Williamson, PhD Married couples who play together, stay together.   But that doesn’t mean you should treat your marriage like a game.  If you treat your marriage like a game, you’ll get played and lose every time.  (more on that next week) What it does mean is that couples who “play together” by

Three Building Blocks that Strengthen a Shaking Foundation of Trust

By Jamie Williamson, PhD Like most actions in a close, intimate relationship, trust follows the “norm of reciprocity”.  You will trust your partner, if you sense that your partner trusts you, and visa versa. What this means is that, if you act overly jealous or suspicious, you will not likely end up in the place of

Improve Your Relationship: 3 R’s That Let Your “Happy” Bloom Naturally

By  Jamie Williamson, PhD Easter and Spring both symbolize rebirth and remind us of the constant opportunity to refresh and renew our lives and our relationships. And, if couples don’t get too caught up in “making” a happy holiday, they can use the accompanying spring break to relax and reflect on how to refresh their