Four Warning Signs on the Road to Divorce

by Jamie Williamson, PhD There are four signs that signal a progressive, downward relationship spiral leading to divorce.   But, you can learn to recognize these cautionary signals and take a detour that will put you back on the path to a long, satisfying marriage. Which couple are you? This week I met two young couples.

Effective Apologies Turn Conflict Aftermath into Healing Afterglow

By Jamie Williamson, PhD I’ve said it a thousand times, but people still don’t believe me.      Conflict can actually be good for your relationship. Conflict can lead to greater understanding. Conflict can clarify similarities, differences, and preferences. Conflict can help couples learn how to deal with future conflict. And, perhaps most importantly, conflict can make

Frequent Problems Don’t Ruin a Marriage. The Way You TALK About Them Does

by Jamie Williamson, PhD If it seems that all you and your spouse do is fight about money, the kids, sex, and not making enough time for each other, then you’re in good company. The majority of married adults with children in the United States frequently report these topics as issues of distress and dissatisfaction

Great Dad, Inattentive Husband? How to Initiate the “Fix”

by Jamie Williamson, PhD Around Father’s Day traditional and new media produce pithy articles about the characteristics of great fathers.  These lists typically include valuable advice like: spend time with your children, discipline with love, be a role model for good behavior, teach your kids to appreciate what they have (don’t be an ATM), read