Divorce Document Preparation


Amity Mediation Workshop’s Divorce Document Preparation Services compliments our Divorce Mediation Service by simplifying the completion and filing of the Florida Family Law forms required for your friendly, un-contested divorce without lawyers to be finalized.

With our Divorce Document Preparation Service, you will not have to figure out the forms yourself or endure a lengthy, stressful court battle.  With our approach, your divorce can be less stressful, affordable, relatively quick, and amicable.  Imagine that…….

doc prep photo2 If you have already reached agreement and do not need mediation, our non-lawyer, mediators will review the agreement you have worked out yourselves for clarity and appropriate calculations.  We also may ask for additional information required by the Family Law forms and then, using the information you provide,  we will assist in preparing  the Florida Family Law forms appropriate for you.

Of course,  both parties will have the opportunity to consult an attorney and to carefully review a draft of the completed forms before they are finalized.  Once both parties approve the documents, we will prepare them for signing and notarization, which also can be done at our office.  Once signed, we will file the documents for you at the courthouse.

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