Divorce, Family, and Civil Mediation

Amity Mediation Workshop, LLC, is a professional divorce, family, and civil mediation practice serving individuals, families, and businesses all along Florida’s Emerald Coast.

At Amity,  Jamie C. Williamson, PhD and Larry A. Williamson, M.A. empower people to resolve their issues in an amicable atmosphere and to build agreements that serve their unique situation and goals. We support and guide individuals as they work to settle their differences fairly and define for themselves the future of their relationships at home, at work, or in the neighborhood.  

Mediation Practice Areas

Divorce & Family Matters  

The Amity approach to Family and Divorce Mediation and to the Mediation of Post Divorce Issues will help you reach mutual agreement on your current family issues so that you can build a stable future, rather than be stuck rehashing the past.

Mediation in our amicable atmosphere lets you remain friendly and keeps you from spending unnecessary time and money as you resolve issues in a way that serves all involved.   We work with couples, with or without lawyers, who have decided to divorce but want an amicable process that empowers them to make their own decisions, build their own agreements, remain on friendly terms, and avoid a long, expensive court battle.

Jamie C. Williamson, a FL Supreme Court Certified Family Mediator, is contracted by both Florida’s First and Fourteenth Judicial Circuits to provide Family Mediation for the Court-Sponsored Family Mediation Program.  Call Amity for information on scheduling Court-Ordered Family Mediation.  The process varies by Judicial Circuit.

Click on the Divorce and Family Mediation tab to learn about our all the services we have to help couples and families, including Marriage Mediation, a  practical, psycho-educational alternative to marriage counseling for couples who want to stay together and learn new ways to work things out.

Workplace Issues

Amity mediators Larry A. Williamson and Jamie C. Williamson have extensive experience on both sides of many workplace issues such as workers compensation, wrongful termination, workplace discrimination, sexual harassment, and conflicts between co-workers.  Using a Facilitative Approach to mediation, we  help bring about fair and equitable settlement agreements on workers comp and termination issues.  For troubled co-workers who both want to remain with their current employer, we utilize a Transformative Approach to mediation that empowers co-workers to define their own issues, to understand each other’s point-of-view, to resolve their current issues, to renew their relationship, and to be better at solving future conflicts, all of which helps restore harmony and build community in the organization.

HOA & Homeowner Conflicts

Conflicts naturally occur when people who choose to live in community with one anther develop competing ideas regarding fair use of common facilities, neighborhood home and landscaping design elements, parking rules, or acceptable noise levels, etc.   Our Good Neighbor mediation helps manage and resolve conflicts between individual  homeowners and their HOA or between individual neighbors.   We’ve found that mediation often offers the best means of resolving issues between people who will continue to have contact with each other (like a homeowner and the HOA staff) and, especially, for people who will continue to live near each other.   Instead of moving out, suing, threatening each other,  building coalitions that involve other neighbors, or stewing in anger, our Good Neighbor mediation allows people to discuss their competing interests in a safe and amicable atmosphere with an experienced, certified mediator to facilitate a civil resolution of their conflicts and to help them restore mutual respect

Business Disputes

Mediation is a cost-effective way for Licensed Professionals or Small Business owners to resolve conflicts with other professionals, suppliers, customers, the city, neighboring businesses, or with their own business partners.   Small business owners and licensed professionals can be overwhelmed by the need to come up with the extra time, money, and expertise to manage a legal dispute.  Mediation offers an alternative that saves time and money, while also helping parties reach an agreement that addresses both of their needs, interests, and goals.  The process of working things out in mediation provides an experience the parties can draw on if they run in to difficulty in the future.  So, mediation is particularly useful for entities that want to have an on-going business relationship, like realtors, contractors, and other service providers.