Why Amity?

A Mediated Divorce at Amity Mediation Workshop Will Help You
Stop Fighting. Resolve Issues. Save Money. Avoid a Long Court Battle.

Amity Mediation Workshop, LLC,  is a multi-faceted, professional mediation practice serving counties on Florida’s Emerald Coast.  When we opened our practice in January 2016,  divorce and family mediation were our initial practice areas and helping couples and families through difficult times remains a key part of our mission.   Our approach empowers people to resolve their differences in an amicable atmosphere and to build agreements that serve their unique situation and goals.  We provide private mediation and mediation through the First and Fourteenth Judicial Courts, for people with or without attorneys.  

If you are just getting started in the divorce process, before you file and before you call a lawyer, call us to determine if our private, friendly “divorce-without-lawyers” option is right for you. 

 Our mediation practice utilizes sound principles of conflict management and dispute resolution.  We also apply the theory and practice of  interpersonal communication to provide practical guidance for developing and maintaining happy, satisfying relationships,  as well as the peaceful dissolution of relationships that no longer serve the best interests of the people involved. 

dove 3Amity – Because we are committed to promoting an attitude of cordiality and good will.

Mediation – Because we facilitate productive conversations leading to reconciliation, compromise, or settlement.

Workshop – Because we create an environment where relationships are repaired or redesigned and people build agreements that stabilize their future.

We adopted a guiding philosophy of civility and a friendly approach to facilitating conversations that permeates our work. And we embrace an optimism about what people can do with and for each other, if they are simply willing to focus on finding solutions that are good for them AND for the others involved in their issues, especially children.  

We know that most couples and families truly value peaceful resolution of issues with as little hurt to those involved as possible.   So, our goal is to help people eliminate distress in their relationships and maintain peace, whether they stay together or not.   Our approach supports and guides individuals as they work to settle their differences and define for themselves the future of their relationships.

We are please to be affiliated with the A Friendly Divorce network of divorce mediators.  Please  give us a call or complete the form on our Contact Us  page and we’ll get back with you right away.   

If you are still wondering “should I stay or should I go”  read these three blog posts to help you decide or check our Marriage Mediation Option for couples who are distressed but want to stay together.

“Should I Stay or Should I Go?   Part One: Using the Love Triangle to Assess Your Relationship”

“Should I Stay or Should I Go?  Part Two:  Determine Your Marriage’s Love Style”

“Should I Stay or Should I Go?  Part Three:  How Unhappy Do I Have to Be to Justify Divorce?”


Meet the Amity Partners

Jamie C. Williamson, PhD (bio)

Florida Supreme Court Certified Family, Circuit-Civil, and County-Civil Mediator #32724CFR

J[email protected]
850-460-1590 (o)        803-322-8304 (c)

Larry A. Williamson, MA (bio)

Florida Supreme Court Certified Circuit-Civil Mediator #34188R

L[email protected]
850-460-1590 (o)        850-502-3113 (c) 




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