Family Dynamics Mediation

Family Dynamics Mediation

Make Your House Feel Like Home Again

 Family Dynamics Mediation re-calibrates communication among family members in a way that restores amity in your home.   An alternative to family counseling and therapy, which often focuses on how events of the past impact the present,  Family Dynamics Mediation is a practical approach for families who want to address current issues, improve relationships among family members, and move forward.   Our approach is often useful for otherwise, well-functioning families who experience conflict due to typical family life issues, as well as for those families who experience (or are anticipating) a more significant disruption or change in their lives.   We help families adjust to relocation to a new city,  control issues associated with adolescents natural desire to be more independent,  family changes associated with preparing for college, military, or other young adult launching events,  and, of course, divorce, and re-marriage.

The Family Dynamics Mediation Process – What to Expect

Family Dynamics Mediation is an informal and non-adversarial process designed to help families work through the typical problems that arise during life transitions, as well as the more series conflicts that grow out of events that disrupt family life and relationships.   The process begins with an interview during which the family members jointly explain their circumstances and mediation goals to an FL Supreme Court Certified Family Mediator.  Assuming the family and the certified family mediator agree that Family Dynamics Mediation is appropriate for the family’s circumstances,  a series of mediation workshops will be scheduled for the family and the mediator.  The number of workshop sessions varies, but typically involves three or four 75-minute sessions, once per week for consecutive weeks.

We refer to these private sessions as “workshops” because, to be successful, they involve active participation from all family members and even some light homework between sessions.  This homework could involve self-assessments, experiential exercises, and participating in active events together as a family. The homework will be structured to meet the family’s needs and the family members’ interests.

Family Dynamics  Mediation is a consensual process that results in an agreement for how the family will solve conflict going forward, adapt to the ongoing,  inevitable changes they will experience together, and build a stable futureAll of the solutions the family creates will come from their work together, with facilitation, guidance, and suggestions from the mediator.  At the end of a family’s workshop sessions, everything included in their relationship agreement must be mutually agreed upon

Family Dynamics Mediation can be structured around a week-long family vacation. In this approach, the family meets every other day with the mediator and enjoys light homework and purposeful family activities together as part of their vacation plans.  Again, the homework and activities are tailored to the family’s needs and the family member’s  recreational interests.

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