Divorce Mediation

Divorce Mediation

The Affordable, Amicable Alternative

Divorce Mediation allows people to define their own post-marriage relationship and resolve the associated parenting, property, and financial issues in equitable ways that suit their own unique goals and circumstances, rather than have these decisions dictated by the courts.   Divorce Mediation works well for divorcing couples with or without attorneys.  In either case, Divorce Mediation involves an affordable, informal, non-adversarial  alternative to expensive, long, and divisive court battles that use up valuable family resources and make it difficult for people to remain friendly and/or work cooperatively together in their post-divorce relationship.

Click and read “Four Ways to Get Divorced. Is Pre-Suit Pro Se Right for You?” to learn about the different paths to divorce and determine if a Pre-Suit Pro Se  “divorce-without-lawyers” is the right option for you.  We call this our “friendly divorce” option.

Good for you, Good for AllAmity Mediation Workshop mediators are Florida Supreme Court  Certified Family Mediators experienced with communication and dispute resolution techniques that help divorcing couples create mutual understanding, resolve issues, and build workable agreements in an amicable atmosphere.

The Amity Mediation Workshop philosophy guides our family mediators to help couples divorce in a way that allows each person to be satisfied by their joint agreement and to be ready to build a stable future, rather than be stuck rehashing the past.

Divorce Mediation is a consensual process.  All of the solutions come from the couple’s work together, with facilitation, guidance, and suggestions from the mediator.  At the end of a couple’s workshop sessions, everything included in their settlement agreement must be mutually agreed upon.

Divorce Mediation with Attorneys

Amity Mediators are experienced at facilitating conversations that lead to productive outcomes for people with legal representation.   Our approach to the mediation process empowers couples, guided by their attorneys,  to have amicable discussions, resolve their own issues, and reach agreements that will define a future that is good for all involved.

Divorce Mediation without Attorneys (pre-suit pro se)

Amity Mediation Workshop provides support for couples that want a simple,  friendly divorce without another fight and without the expense of hiring attorneys.   In our informal, amicable, mediation workshop environment,  Florida Supreme Count Certified Family Mediators facilitate the confidential and cooperative, decision-making conversations that will help you resolve issues, build your mediated settlement agreement, complete the appropriate paperwork, and file the necessary documents with the court.  

Using the information you provide and the agreements you reach, we help you complete and file the Family Law Forms required by the Florida Courts. This Divorce Document Preparation service helps simplify and de-stress the pre-suit pro se divorce process for couples who are able to reach agreement on their issues and have an uncontested divorce.  Read more about Divorce Document Preparation here

We help you with Parenting plans,  Equitable distribution of your assets and liabilities,  Alimony,  Child support calculations, and Everything else Amicable Agreements - parents forming housethat may be unique to your situation. This PEACEful approach allows your case to be processed quickly as an uncontested divorce and empowers you to start building a stable future now……without expensive, protracted court-related delays.

Most uncontested, pre-suit pro se divorces can be completed in 3-4 sessions with your mediator:  

  1. A brief free Orientation Session to get acquainted, review the process and the required Family Law Forms
  2. One or two Mediation Sessions during which your mediator will help you reach mutual agreement on all of your issues and build a Marital Settlement Agreement that matches your unique situation and goals. These mediation sessions typically lasts just 3-4 hours each.
  3. A final Signing Meeting to review, sign and notarize your Marital Settlement Agreement, the required Family Law Forms, and prepare your package for filing with the Clerk of the Court.

Contact us for more information regarding the Divorce Mediation fees associated with your circumstance.

Mediation of Post-Divorce Issues also serves families well when changing circumstances for spouses and children require an adjustment in previous agreements.  Parties that mediate post-divorce issues, rather than give their decision-making power over to the courts, can avoid stressful delays and unnecessary expense while they work cooperatively together to resolve issues in a way that serves the needs of all involved, especially the children.

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