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Avoid Tragic Ending: Start With a Negotiated Farewell and Divorce Mediation

Share Follow Share Share Tweet Emailby Jamie Williamson, PhD You know how happily married couples love to share the story of how they met, complete with teasing about fun little details?  These are usually well-rehearsed tales, in which both spouses end up being heroes of their own, happily-ever-after love story. Well, divorcing couples also want

Improve Communication in Your Marriage Before it’s too Late

Share Follow Share Share Tweet Emailby Jamie C. Williamson, PhD Wondering how to improve communication in your marriage?  Frequent problems don’t ruin a marriage.  But, ineffective communication can.  So, you might need to improve communication in your marriage before it’s too late. If it seems that all you and your spouse do is fight about

4 Ways to Get Divorced. Is Pre-suit Pro Se Right for You?

Share Follow Share Share Tweet Email by Jamie C. Williamson, PhD If you have decided that getting a divorce is the best (and maybe only) option that will promote your future emotional and psychological well-being, and that of your spouse and children, your next step is to determine which of the four paths to a legal

Great Dad, Inattentive Husband? How to Initiate the “Fix”

Share Follow Share Share Tweet Emailby Jamie C. Williamson, PhD Around Father’s Day traditional and new media produce pithy articles about the characteristics of great fathers.  These lists typically include valuable advice like: spend time with your children, discipline with love, be a role model for good behavior, teach your kids to appreciate what they

Three Building Blocks that Strengthen a Shaking Foundation of Trust

Share Follow Share Share Tweet Email By Jamie C. Williamson, PhD Like most actions in a close, intimate relationship, trust follows the “norm of reciprocity”.  You will trust your partner, if you sense that your partner trusts you, and visa versa. What this means is that, if you act overly jealous or suspicious, you will not

The Most Important F-Word in Marriage May Surprise You

Share Follow Share Share Tweet EmailBy Jamie C. Williamson, PhD The most commonly thought of F-word is not the one that most often causes marriages to decay. Despite what magazine articles and sensational internet posts might claim, happily married couples do NOT typically have sex every day or even every week.  After the newness wears