Resolving to Be Happy Might Require the Courage to Divorce

by Jamie Williamson, PhD Many people started out the New Year thinking about getting a divorce, even if they didn’t realize it at first. People rarely include “get a divorce” on their list of resolutions. Instead, divorce becomes the unhappy (but necessary) by-product of resolutions like “This is the year I’m going to have the

Beware of the Calm Before the Stormy 7 Stages of Divorce

by Jamie Williamson, PhD You have to pay close attention or it will catch you by surprise.   Divorcing couples do move through predictable and understandable stages of divorce, each associated with different practical concerns, emotions, and typical behavior patterns. But, divorce initiation often begins with a seemingly calm, barely detectable phase.    Most explanations

Should I Stay or Should I Go? Part 2 – Determine Your Marriage’s Love Style

By Jamie Williamson, PhD Marriages have Love Styles. Some lead to fulfilling happy marriages.  Some lead to distress and divorce.   To understand these Marriage Love Styles, you have to first understand that love is an action word, not an emotion.  You and your spouse create patterns of action and inaction that constitute the character of